Introducing pyconn-monitor: Monitor Network Connections from Untrusted Programs

In today’s interconnected world, it’s essential to be cautious when running untrusted or third-party programs on your system. These programs might inadvertently (or maliciously) leak sensitive data or establish unauthorized connections with remote servers, posing a potential security risk. To address this concern, we’re thrilled to introduce pyconn-monitor, a Python library and command-line tool that […]

Lollms Introduces User-Friendly Graphical Installer for Windows

Lollms, the innovative AI content creation tool, has just released a new graphical installer for Windows users, revolutionizing the installation and uninstallation process. This development marks a significant step forward in making AI-powered content generation more accessible to a wider audience. The Lollms graphical installer offers a seamless and intuitive experience for users looking to […]

Lollms Introduces Updated Open Router with Expanded Model Zoo

In a recent update, Lollms has announced an upgrade to its open router binding. This improvement is designed to cater to users who may not have access to high-end GPUs or the financial resources to utilize paid AI services. The open router serves as a bridge, allowing users to communicate with various Language Models (LLMs). […]

lollms Integrates Anthropic’s Claude-3 Model in New Binding

We’re excited to announce that lollms has added a new binding for Anthropic’s advanced language model API. This integration allows lollms users to leverage the powerful Claude-3 model directly in their projects. Key Details Based on the source code updates, here’s what we know about the Anthropic binding in lollms:

Exciting News for Node.js Developers: A New lollms Front-End Library is Here!

The wait is over! A new front-end library for the highly adaptable and multi-personalized AI system, lollms, is now available for Node.js users. Say hello to lollms_client_js! 🚀 Accessible through npm, this release promises to bring a more streamlined experience to integrating lollms in your Node.js projects. The library is open source and can be found on GitHub. […]

Exciting Update to Lollms System: Introducing Artbot Node for Creative Projects!

In the latest update to the Lollms system, a new integration with Comfyui has been introduced. Comfyui is a nodes-based execution graph that allows for the performance of complex tasks by connecting nodes that perform different operations. With the installation of the Lollms nodes suites, Comfyui will now have new nodes that can utilize the […]

CodeGuard: Your New Cybersecurity Ally in lollms

Introducing CodeGuard, the latest personality addition to the lollms system. This persona is a cybersecurity expert, designed to meticulously scrutinize code and identify potential vulnerabilities. It can be found in the cybersecurity category and has the capability to work in batch mode. In this mode, you can give CodeGuard a folder containing code, and it […]

LollMS Integrates Groq API for Paid, High-Speed Text Generation

I am happy to announce that I developed a binding that connects with Groq’s API, allowing users to utilize its rapid text generation capabilities within the LollMS framework. This integration brings Groq’s advanced models, known for their speed and efficiency in generating text, to a wider audience. However, it’s a paid service, requiring users to […]

Exciting Update from Lollms: Introducing Separate Search Buttons for Enhanced User Experience

In a move aimed at enhancing user experience and providing more intuitive search functionalities, Lollms has announced an important update to its platform. The latest innovation sees the introduction of separate buttons for searches with and without internet support. This update replaces the previous mechanism, which featured a switch to activate or deactivate internet connectivity […]

How to Use Ollama in Lollms: A Step-by-Step Guide

🤖 Are you ready to enhance your Lollms experience with the powerful Ollama tool? Look no further! In this guide, we will walk you through the simple steps to install and use Ollama in Lollms, making your AI interactions smoother and more efficient. Let’s dive in! To begin, head over to the Ollama website and download the […]